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Are you throwing your site’s content away? Power sharing your content to drive more traffic!

Are you throwing your site’s content away? You work hard at producing unique useful content for your site yet you see little if any site traffic coming to your site, do you create new blog posts and the click publish in wordpress and think  your job is done? haha no your job has only started my friend! Distribution, or sharing is a critical element to having that super duper blog post or article, video, graphic etc on your site drive more traffic to your site and also links to build more rankings to drive even more traffic. You’re missing out on a lot of potential with your unique content if you only publish to your site and do nothing else. Every single blog post, page, article that you put hard work into on your site should get the same attention when it comes time to share it. You can’t just have the if you build it they will come, esp. for smaller sites, which 95% of sites are. Yes once you get bigger and have plenty of visitors to your blog they’ll help you with the task of syndicating your content out, but even then you should still go through the following steps as you can’t count on others to do all these things we list below esp. making unique versions of your content and turn them into press releases or whitepapers or vlogs etc.

Final Checks

    1. Proof read and or Have an editor proof read your post esp. if you have bad grammar like myself haha.
    2. Contact web designer, graphic designer, video producer etc to generate media to go with post, or new page etc. Post or page on our site is the origin and final destination where we want to pull people into.
    3. Before sending realize that supporting possible multimedia content opens up new distribution channels ie. like info-graphics and video vlogs etc. Find a  graphics and video wizard to produce media to go with your textual content. Also it’s been shown that blog posts with multimedia content do much better then straight textual posts, visitors like them better, and they’re more likely to share it with others too then even without considering the extra disruption possibilities when you turn it into other formats.
      1. Info-graphic possible?
      2. Vlog Video?
      3. PodCast
      4. Converting into slideshare, white papers, press releases etc many possibilities and formats you could convert your content into

Power Sharing Method

Now that you have your post researched, written, and converted into multiple formats and medias let’s send it out into the real world now.

  1. Tweet it- I like to use the “Share this” link for that because it automatically generates the URL as a shorter URL, so its’ faster. And since Twitter doesn’t really do anything different if you manually add your URL and type your post’s topic compared to a share to twitter, might as well just use that if you have it on your site’s page and save a few seconds. For Facebook and linkedIn, I recommend manually adding to your facebook page and status.
  2. Facebook
    1. Facebook Page if you have one
    2. Facebook status, but share it from the site’s Facebook site’s page, or just post to your status if you don’ t have a facebook page
  3. Linkedin
    1. Post into your linked in status
    2. Post into all your groups as discussion thread that you think would be receptive to your content, start a discussion about your post’s content, link to it for reference.
  4. Social Bookmark it! – There are a number of social bookmarking sites like Digg where you’ll want to manually add a bookmark to your new content. Here’s a list of top 10 social bookmarking sites we listed in another previous post.
  5. Re-write as different versions
    1. Post as Blog if it’s something other then a blog i.e press release etc
    2. Email Newsletter  ?-
      1. Can you re-distribute your unique blog post as  content for your monthly or weekly newsletter etc?
      2. Send out your blog posts as RSS email, this is great way to have your blog’s content automatically generate an RSS email automatically when you generate new site content. I recommend using mailchimps RSS feature for this
    3. Press Release it? – Can you morph the blog post or site article etc into a press release or the opposite turn a release into a blog post, make sure to rewrite so it’s not duplicate content.
    4. Guest Blog it with spun unique version? – There’s a good chance if you show your blog post to some other sites that are similar and tell them you’ll rewrite a unique version of this post just for their site, of course in exchange they keep the author credits and link to your site intact.
    5. Turn into white paper? – Did you do unique research you think others would find interesting, then turn it into a white paper hosted on your site where they can download it free after filling out a lead generation form etc.
  6. Webinar? – Can you turn the research and post into the subject matter of a webinar?
  7. Offer as topic to conferences? You could present your unique content at a seminar or conference that you discovered in researching and writing your unique content.
  8. Video Vlog?
    1. Create quick Vlog to go with it- Video for blog post
    2. Can you come up with a whiteboard vlog to go with your post?
    3. A how to video to go with blog post?
  9. Distribute to the top 10x video sharing sites i.e youtube, metacafe, vemeo etc
  10. Optimize video for universal search rankings in google, also ranking high in youtube
  11. Infographic to go with post?
    1. Submit your infographic to sites that accept them
    2. Upload your infograhic to Flicker and other popular sharing photo sharing sites
  12. Meetup forum discussion board, or topic of the monthly meeting – Do you sponsor or part of a related meetup group, start a discussion in the group by posting a short unique intro of your topic and a link to read the full post or article etc.
  13. Find related blogs, articles related your blog post by searching in google on your topic and leave comments
    on these blogs with links to your related post, or better yet leave a trackback or pingback if their system supports it
  14. Two final tips for wordpress users, these are default settings so you shouldn’t have a problem
    1. Make sure your blog system has ping enabled so that it’s contacting one of  the main ping servers
    2. Make sure if you’re using wordpress blog system it’s not set to block search spiders
  15. I’m sure you can think of a few more places to send out your content, maybe your local chamber of commerce newsletter, partner sites, co-sponsored emails, etc and the hundreds of other social sites that might be on topic for your post. But hopefully this blog post now has you realizing your job is only have done once you click “publish”.


Can you think of any other places to syndicate your content, what methods do you normally use, did I miss one I can add to the list?

Power sharing

Stijn Amundsen is the Founder and Principle at GlowHat of Scottsdale Arizona. He enjoys sharing his passion for internet marketing and helping others reach their true potential in business and life. Stijn has been helping clients market high performance web sites for over 10 years, generating millions of dollars of business through high ROI strategies.

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