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AT&T: 43 Percent Of Local-Mobile Searchers “Walk Through The Door”

A new study from AT&T Interactive and Nielsen reports that 43% Percent Of Local-Mobile Searchers “Walk Through The Door”.

I’ve blogged in recent weeks about the explosion of local search and local mobile search, so it comes to no surprise that brick and mortar walk in traffic is having a big impact from local + mobile search, and the response rate to local mobile Ads etc also seem to be very positive from reports. I remember all the past false starts for mobile and local search being the next big thing, it wasn’t reality until the iphone and it’s highly usable nature came to market I believe, had it not been for the iphone and then the glut of smart phones after that things would not be the way they are currently so it’s nice to see local mobile is now having a big impact on local retailers and service providers finally.

I wonder when proximity marketing will gain more traction, seems like all it will take is one strong vendor and a popular mobile app that is widely installed and then this will also come into the mix which I predict could also be a powerful way for local businesses to draw in more business. Imagine walking through the mall and getting a really great coupon offer as you walk past a store, or driving past a new restaurant and they send you a message letting you know to turn around happy hour is on and first free drink with this code 7YZUZ3 etc.

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