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Multilingual SEO Best Practices

Take Action! – Actually do it! One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that a lot of organizations fail to realize they’re leaving a lot of low hanging fruit out there by not even trying to do the multilingual SEO, as in many cases the rankings […]

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Do online search campaigns lead to in-store sales?

Do online search campaigns lead to in-store sales? You might not realize it but your search ads and SEO might actually be driving a lot more offline sales then you realize, in the form of phone calls and in-store sales that started with the visitors first finding […]

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Growth of Local Search and Mobile Local Search Exploding

Local mobile searches are growing rapidly, current studies and reports are now showing about half of the local searches done are now coming from visitors using mobile devices, and the projections are that local mobile search will continue to grow and surpass local search done on traditional […]

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