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Archive for April 2010

The Sole Purpose Of A Businesses

“The Sole Purpose Of A Businesses is To Help Others Reach Their Goals” If you reduce the purpose of a business down to it’s very core, you’re left with this one basic concept, that a business is meant to help other people or businesses reach their goals. […]

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Top 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes

It’s hard for me to pick the top 10 SEO search engine optimization mistakes, because really there are hundreds of things that can effect search rankings that we test for and monitor,  I tried to make a list of the top 10 most common problems the GlowHat […]

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SEO Rates Investment Vs. Cost

“High quality SEO is a excellent investment, where bad SEO can be a terrible cost” If you’re shopping around for SEO services, you’ll probably see a wide range of prices and rates quoted to you. Like anything you get what you pay for, on the bottom end […]

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Ratio of keyword density vs. link profile

Is there a relationship between the link profile and what the site’s or page’s max keyword density before the page starts experiencing a filter? It appears to me from having worked on many sites over the years that I’ve observed sites being assigned a “penalty” or filter […]

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