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Archive for March 2012

The Paid Search is Too Dam High!

Some things in life we can’t avoid paying for like rent, and taxes etc. In a recent “study” released by Google they claim that users are almost 2x as likely to click on your organic listing if they see you have a paid search Ad also. This […]

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What It Really Means to Build Your Company’s Brand

Branding is the face of your business. It is a name or logo people recognize and it sets you apart from your competition. Every business faces competition and your brand may be the one thing that helps you succeed where others fail. Good branding helps you connect […]

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SEO Tactics For 2012 That Work Infographic, Post Panda

We’ve put this infographic together to help illustrate some of the on and off page SEO strategies that we find are still working in 2012 after the panda update last year. This infographic is by no means an end-all be -all list of SEO strategies, but a […]

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Anchor Text Evolution: Natural Anchor Text in Unnatural SERPS

Anchor text diversification isn’t new. Diversifying your anchor text to produce a more natural looking link graph is an SEO best practice. However,  there are still sites dominating the SERPS that almost exclusively use exact match anchor text. So why should you stop using exact match anchor text if it’s […]

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