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Your website is oftentimes your client’s first impression of your business, you can’t afford for your site to be slow, or worse yet be down, or hacked. Our primary goal is to give you the same level of protection and speed that the big sites like Google have, and we’ve done that by actually hosting on their servers in Google’s Cloud Data centers.  The cost of lost business because of a slow site, reputation loss, search engine optimization impact, is the reason why GlowHat invests heavily into it’s infrastructure. Winning the online marketing game means having all your bases covered, we want our clients to win, as that’s a win for us, so we go to great lengths to insure you have the fastest, most secure reliable website.

Fast Website Designs


We leverage best practices in our site design by leveraging frameworks such as Genesis framework, this helps us design clean, secure fast code.

Code Versioning – We track all site changes with code versioning system Git, this helps us manage site code, the life cycle is local development and testing, then staging and testing then changes are pushed live. We can roll back a code change that is causing an issue and isolate exactly where in the code the problem is

Plugin Audits– We scan and review all of our site’s core code and plugins to ensure they’re running the latest versions and that no vulnerable plugins are being used. We work with clients to ensure they’re only using the minimal amount of secure, updated, and non-redundant plugins on their websites.

Responsive Design

We build all sites to be “responsive” meaning that they dynamically and automatically adjust themselves to look great on as many different devices, from computer, tablets, various mobile devices.

Focus on Mobile Web Design – These days the majority of people visiting the web are on mobile devices, especially local business sites, because of that we’ve developed our MobileFirst design approach, where we build sites that look great are fast and secure on mobile devices, after that we design the desktop version of the site. In the old days designers would design starting with the desktop version of a website, we find that is an outdated approach and lead to the mobile version of a website being an after thought, a second priority, where we believe it’s a first, and we often find the desktop design is easier to make fast and look great when the mobile responsive version is completed first.

Site Load Stress Testing

We test your website and the server it’s on and benchmark how well if functions under load, how much traffic can your site handle before it starts having errors or slowing down. We do this so that we know that your site is running efficient and will handle whatever traffic you receive, if you have a blog post go viral, or you have a sudden flood of visitors swarming to your site to get a sale, or you’re an eCommerce site the week before Christmas etc. Whatever the reason we have you covered, you’ll know your site can handle spikes in traffic.

GlowSpeed Site Code Optimization

– With years of experience optimizing websites for speed, security and search engine rankings, we do a complete audit and review of your site’s code to improve the site speed, we pour over the site code, and tweak every line of code looking for anything we can optimize to improve the site speed, search rankings and security of your site. It’s not unusual for us to see 10x or more site speed improvements for clients by them using both GlowCloud hosting and GlowSpeed site optimization.

Site updates and scans – see below in our security section to learn more about how GlowCloud scan and updates your site.

Fast Web Hosting with GlowCloud

Google Cloud is Fast

Google Cloud Speed– Google’s data centers as good as they get, they go so far as to actually manufacture their own hardware and chips to optimize the speed of their hardware.

Google Backbone network – Another distinguishing feature about Google Cloud is that Google actually owns and operates it’s own global backbone fiber network, Amazon does not have this, and is a big advantage as now we can leverage their network to deliver fast site hosting around the globe.


Google Cloud is Secure


  • Google Cloud Security and Privacy Certifications – data centers are audited and certified by all major certification levels, the level of security and sophistication in their approach is unparalleled, they have security at all layers, from the hardware all the way up to the operating systems and server nodes. They lock each piece of hardware down with it’s own unique ID that can not be hacked or altered, for all intensive purposes they can not be hacked period. Everything is a encrypted service within Google’s cloud, all data and traffic is encrypted, all servers are isolated on their own networks.
  • Cloud Data Center – GlowCloud leverage’s Google’s Cloud Data centers to host sites from. Cloud hosting with these, our hosting system is built on top of the Google Cloud Platform to deliver blazing fast web sites that are secure and reliable.
  • Cloud Hosting – Hosting with Google Cloud we are leveraging the same data centers and services that Google use themselves, they are fanatical about security and speed. We leverage their incredible network as the foundation of the GlowCloud hosting system.

360 Degree Security

– Your site is backed up daily, every single file and database change is saved, and you can with a click of a button do a complete site restore from the GlowHat SiteVault user control panel, or simply contact support for help, and we’ll do it for you.

MalWare Scans – We’ve leveraged CodeGuard to be one of our primary method of backing up and scanning site files, it’s one of the 4x security systems that overlap and protect your website. We scan all our site’s files on a daily basis checking every single file and every single line of code to ensure that nothing was altered.


File Permission Scans – Site’s are scanned daily to make sure no file permissions or ownership issues are conflicting and causing issues with your site.

Abandoned Plugin Scans– Site plugins for wordpress, durpal, etc are often the main vulnerability on a website’s code, so we whitelist and allow certain plugins, and also have some plugins on a watch list, if they’ve not been updated within a year we consider them abandoned,

WordPress & Plugin Updates– GlowHat team is notified daily about possible updates that are avaliable and latest security fixes and patches, we first backup your site, then test that the plugin or update won’t break anything, then we apply the update.


WAF – Web Application Firewall– Our first line of defense, that blocks 90% of the hack attempts on your site, we scan for tell tale signs of a hack attempt before it even is attempted, so if a hacker tries to do things like password guess with special hacking software they’ll be blocked after a few failed attempt, or their first attempt depending how sophisticated their attack it. Our WAF blocks any suspicious activity like malformed requests or direct viewing of protected web application folders etc. The WAF looks for common signatures of attack certain footprints and blocks it. If anything is missed and a hack is successful past this layer, our malware scanner with CodeGuard will alert us because all hacks leave traces, either files they upload or files they change, and CodeGuard will detect this and alert us.

Secure DNS hosting – We use AnyCast Proxied DNS system, the DNS hosting system we use acts like a shield out front and blocks hacking attempts from the point of hackers trying to attack your server directly, which they can’t with our DNS shield, they can’t even see your server as it’s hidden behind the DNS firewall.

Fail-over/Redundancy– We employ both load balancing and multi-region mirroring to help ensure highly available sites.

DDoS Protection – Distributed Denial of Service Attack Protection happens at our DNS/WAF layer any excessive and suspicious attempts at overwhelm your site’s resources is blocked so your site says available to legitimate site visitors. DDos attack traffic is block from ever reaching your site’s server and impacting it’s functionality.

Up-time Monitoring 24×7

We monitor our entire system from the hardware your site runs on to the code running on your site, this is called the “stack” which is all the parts that are built on top of each other to finally serving your website to clients.

        • Up-time Monitoring  – All GlowCloud sites are checked at a 1 minute intervals 24/7 to insure your site is online and loading without errors or slow loading issues. Our team is alerted immediately via email, SMS, phone call if there is an issue and we have both automated and manual protocols to deal with any website issue.
          • Redundant site monitoring – we have over 100 x monitors placed strategically around the global to test your site’s uptime, by checking from multiple geographic locations we can isolate any network issues that a particular region might be impacted by.
          • Monitoring failover – we actually have two systems that check site’s for up-time in the rare event that our primary monitoring system is offline.
        • Speed Tracking- 


RUM – Real time monitoring

RUM – Real time monitoring – Real user monitoring (RUM) is a passive monitoring technology that records all user interaction with a website or client interacting with a server or cloud-based application. Monitoring actual user interaction with a website or an application is important to operators to determine if users are being served quickly and without errors and, if not, which part of a business process is failing.Software as a service (SaaS) and application service providers (ASP) use RUM to monitor and manage service quality delivered to their clients. Real user monitoring data is used to determine the actual service-level quality delivered to end-users and to detect errors or slowdowns on web sites. The data may also be used to determine if changes that are promulgated to sites have the intended effect or cause errors.

      • Systems monitoring – We use a system’s monitoring system that watches all GlowCloud Systems at the hardware, and operating system level, informing us about CPU, RAM disk IO use etc
      • Application Service monitoring – We monitor closely the web services your site runs on, the database service, email service,
      • Application monitoring – We monitor your website’s code, to make sure it’s running fast, and secure, we scan on a daily basis to ensure your site has not been compromised, and that their are no plugins or custom code issues that are slowing your site down.