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Stijn Amundsen Founder/CEO

Stijn Amundsen is one of the nations leading internet marketers. He has worked with companies big and small from local small businesses to fortune 500’s in a wide array of sectors. He enjoys sharing his passion for internet marketing with others and moderates at several Internet marketing groups. Stijn has been working in technology and marketing for over 10 years, starting with being a leading new business manager at Ommnipoint Communications, then later returning to school for computer science and marketing where he discovered that his passion was not marketing or technology alone but both.

Stijn has consulted for businesses all across the nation and worldwide and is a leader in the SEO search engine optimization and search engine marketing space, he has helped companies improve and grow to new levels by leveraging his years of experience. Stijn enjoys being at the forefront in the rapidly changing digital world and regularly reads and contributes published articles, blogs etc on the subject of internet marketing.

He enjoys an active lifestyle and is an avid cyclist, marathoner, rock climber, and snow boarder, an all around adventure and pioneer on and off-line, he brings that high energy level and enthusiasm into his work and is always searching for effective ways to help his clients also climb to new heights online.

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Stephanie Murray- CFO


Stephanie Murray has helped guide GlowHat’s growth and acquisition strategies since the early days when GlowHat was a small consulting firm in 2003. She has been instrumental in helping fuel GlowHat’s growth by leveraging her background working for some of the largest companies on wall street.