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Google Introducing free phone support for AdWords advertisers

Introducing free phone support for AdWords advertisers

from Inside AdWords by Inside AdWords crew

Google today is launching free phone support for all of our U.S. and Canada-based AdWords customers. When you have a question about your account or advertising campaigns, you can now call an AdWords specialist if you prefer. To speak to one of their specialists, give them a call at 1-866-2-Google between Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm Eastern Time. This number is for current AdWords advertisers only, so please make sure you have your customer ID ready.
Posted by Francoise Brougher, VP, Global Advertising and Product Operations.

It’s about time that Adwords gives all customers phone support, it’s only Google’s main source of income, and also the attrition rate is very high of small business Adwords users that try Adwords once then quite. The vast majority of people that have tried Adwords have quite, it’s actually amazing that Google has waited this long to offer more support. They should be calling businesses proactively each week and ask them how it’s going and try to help them fix their campaigns as most small biz campaigns are setup very inefficiently.


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