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Google Launches Instant Previews for Ads

Google announced today a new feature for it’s search results pages, that it was taking the Instant Previews that where added to the white organic search results area and doing the same thing with the Adwords ads now.  Google Instant Preview for the Adwords Ads, which are the yellow ads above the white organic listing. We tried them today and found them a bit slow to load but still useful, hopefully they figure out a way to speed the ad previews up to make them more usable. It will be interesting to see what if any impact it will have on campaign performance indicators. It would be nice if it was optional so we could do split tests. They’re claiming that the idea is that you’ll receive more highly qualified traffic to your ads since they won’t actually be clicking on it your ad by first just doing a preview, but I suspect most people won’t want to wait for it to load and it’s easier to read if you actually look at the full page itself, perhaps for mobile devices it will be a nice feature as things usually take longer to load on mobile devices and having a preview first might be a welcome feature for mobile users.



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