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Hit and Run SEO vs. Continuous High Quality SEO

Hit and Run SEO vs. Continuous High Quality SEO

In terms of cost, yes you can always find someone cheaper then the next guy to do SEO, but is cost your first concern, or is success in the SEO campaign? If you’re like most people both are a concern,  but it’s surprising how many people are fixated on the cost of SEO, or the cost of anything without taking into consideration what the return on that cost is. A cost no matter the figure means nothing without knowing what you get in return. There are two types of expenses in this world, one is a “cost” one is an “investment”, the wealthy are masters at differentiating between the two. That’s why you hear stories of millionaires that are very frugal on one hand driving the same old car for years, owing one suit etc. but then live in a big house. Because a car is a “cost” rarely is a car a good investment, but a “house” can oftentimes be a good “investment”

Not all SEO providers are the same in their ability to get your site ranking high, it’s not a commodity, just like the big differences you’ll find in cost, there is just as big a difference in what you get for the cost. I can guarantee you that when you work with GlowHat you only get the highest level quality SEO service possible, why? Because we’re going to have to answer to you everyday not just once when we do the SEO on your site one time and charge some ridiculous amount of money never to be heard from again.

There are many fly by night SEO companies that will do “hit and run” SEO, this also looks artificial and spammy to the search engines and does work that well

Effective SEO takes continuous high quality effort, yes for cheap you can get some limited exposure for a couple search phrases, but to get exposure for the hundreds of different phrases people will search for storage it will take many weeks of building up the content and rankings on the site.

Continuous high quality SEO effort looks much more natural then doing a bunch of spammy SEO, natural SEO grows and improves gradually over time. Spam usually happens quickly and is poor quality.

Continuous high quality SEO, last longer rankings will be more stable. The search engines look at how fresh your SEO efforts are too in their ranking algorithm.

A company that provides continuous high quality SEO will be more accountable to you for their performance.

Continuous high quality SEO provider will lean more about your business, it’s phrases, the site conversions, site traffic patterns etc. and will only get smarter and faster with improving the SEO on the site over time as we learn more about your phrases, and discover more phrases from the referral phrases that show up in your analytics logs. Great SEO is really an evolution that happens over time, and simply can’t be done well as a “setup” or “hit and run” then “maintenance”. You can’t maintain something

We position ourselves to be an extreme value. To have top 10 rankings for all your phrases for $499/m is a high value. Good SEO work takes a lot of time to do every month, for your campaign we’d spend 12hrs. per month working on it, expanding the content and keywords on the site, and increasing and maximizing the phrases.

Here’s some final things to consider

1. What is the cost of not being in the top 10 for all your phrases, the cost of missed opportunities because you where not visible enough when people search online?
2. What is the #1 way people will find you?
3. What would it cost per month to advertise anywhere else and get top level exposure
4. What could be more important for you business then getting new leads and sales to your site? Is this something you want to go bargain shopping for with little if any consideration to quality?

Stijn Amundsen is the Founder and Principle at GlowHat of Scottsdale Arizona. He enjoys sharing his passion for internet marketing and helping others reach their true potential in business and life. Stijn has been helping clients market high performance web sites for over 10 years, generating millions of dollars of business through high ROI strategies.

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