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I see the future and it's a big apple

After watching the video I’m left with a feeling of pure horror, the idea of closed $ource Apple control the “new internet” really bothers me, I don’t like Apple’s biz model at all, but I’m not too worried as the Droid platform is beating and hopefully will continue to grow and be the prevalent mobile OS and platform and app exchange market not Apple’s. Also I think the open nature of the web and flexibility of the web won’t be replaced by mobile apps and mobile market place etc. I think it will be part of the larger tech ecology, but a replacement for the web, it’s not going to happen. The mobile “web” if you want to call it that is highly compromised user and technology experience for all buy mobile type applications. Until humans shrink down to 1/10th of their normal size then the PC and the internet will be human’s main interface not a mobile device, well maybe in 200 years when we figure out how to install a bluetooth device in our minds that connects to our mobile device and we can think our way to control a computer haha, I predict that is the future for sure, but it won’t be happening anytime soon, but I believe one day we will be cyborgs, and if we’re “unplugged” we simply will be an  outcast a non-member of society haha

Stijn Amundsen is the Founder and Principle at GlowHat of Scottsdale Arizona. He enjoys sharing his passion for internet marketing and helping others reach their true potential in business and life. Stijn has been helping clients market high performance web sites for over 10 years, generating millions of dollars of business through high ROI strategies.

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