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International Multilingual Foreign SEO

  • International SEO
  • International PPC
  • International Social Marketing
  • International Direction Marketing
  • Full Translation Services for your website
  • With 85 foreign native speaking professionals on staff, we offer SEO, PPC, Social Marketing, and translation services in most languages!

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Multilingual Search Engine Optimization

Does your business require an international presence? GlowHat has years of experience developing and implementing multilingual SEM and SEO campaigns.  With search engine professionals fluent in most common languages, we deliver high quality work and exceptional results.

International markets are left largely untapped in nearly all major industries. As a result, there is incredible opportunity to consume major market share due to lower competition. At GlowHat, we recognized the importance of multilingual SEO & SEM years before anyone else. The result? A dedicated multilingual team that does nothing but multilingual SEM & SEO.


Whether you want to rank in Google UK, Yandex in Russia, or Baidu in China, GlowHat’s team of dedicated professionals will develop and implement a high-level multilingual campaign for your company.

  • Our team conducts a high-level analysis of the competition and develops a plan of action to increase visibility within your campaign’s country.
  • Keyword research is performed by a native language speaker to ensure that the correct keywords are targeted.
  • Accurate, professionally written content is translated into your campaign’s language by one of our native language speakers.
  • We implement a thorough, high-quality link building campaign unique to your target language that maintains all of our quality and ethical standards used on each of our accounts.


Paid advertising on both Google AdWords and adCenter is critical to internet marketing efforts. GlowHat has a team of AdWord certified specialists with up to ten years of experience in paid advertising. Combine this with our team of multilingual specialists, and you have a top-notch foreign advertising campaign generating leads and revenue in multiple languages.

  • Our multilingual team performs keyword research and determines an initial set of relevant, foreign keywords to be tested.
  • Your campaign is constructed. Ad copy specific to your campaign’s language is written.
  • Several landing pages are developed, each with unique ad copy and style.
  • Your campaign begins to run. We split-test each of your landing pages and ad copy to determine which delivers the highest ROI.  In addition, we determine your profitable keywords and delete the rest.
  • We continue to optimize your campaign on a daily basis to maximize your return on investment.