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Relationship of Social Marketing To SEO Search Engine Optimization

Most people can easily understand how social marketing can help them drive brand loyalty and help with their online marketing efforts, but most don’t realize that social marketing is an important element to include in a well rounded holistic SEO campaign. Social marketing can actually help your site rank higher indirectly and in some ways directly.

  1. Direct ranking improvements from Twitter and Facebook sharing. Google actually is now looking at how your site is being mentioned online socially and apply this information to their rankings, we’ve noticed it doesn’t do much but it does seem to get you a few more positions but only temporarily, and that makes sense that it works that way too, so it’s important that you regularly update your blog, FB page, twitter and try to get some buzz around your site to help you rank higher. Others have noticed a big temporarily jump even from nowhere to first page of google when they had a high enough volume of retweets and shares.
  2. You can indirectly rank higher, because the more people are hearing and seeing your site online the more likely they are to blog about it, or put a link on their site to yours etc. and links are the bread and butter of SEO rankings.
  3. Encourage linking, you can also leverage social to do thinks like place contents and either directly or indirectly get links through the contest, either the people in the contest will link from their sites etc to your contest page, like a vote for me page for the user, or you can ask for a link as part of the requirements to quality to win.
  4. Brand Exposure to new audience
  5. Direct new visitors to website
  6. As Rand of SEOmoz says, “Influence the influencers to Link & Share” what you do.
  7. Create direct links in social profiles
  8. Main social sites you want to focus on
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. LinkedIn
    4. Youtube
    5. StumbleUpon
    6. Wikipedia
    7. Blogs
    8. Forums
    9. Social News sites aka like Digg, slashdot, newsvine etc
    10. Q&A sites, like yahoo answers etc LinkedIn Answers
    11. Document sharing sites like slideshare, Scribd etc
    12. New social sites like FourSquare
  9. It all starts with Great content, that is your starting point, you want good content people are likley to share and link to, the better you do this the better everything else works, like this example pretty neat, that could spread like wildfire in twitter etc
    1. And find the right places to distribute your content, you’d post this job in a really active developer site like stackflow etc
  10. Contribute guest articles and blogs posts, and do it with high quality content
  11. Sites without a good social signal seem to be the ones effected most by the recent Farmer update by google that wiped out a lot of  “content farm” type sites, where the content is made solely for ranking and is not high quality content.
  12. Be careful with using unnatural names as link text in blog comment name, or forum name etc don’t use a blatant key phrase as your user name
  13. Create and leverage offline networks of vendors and connections to apply online socially
  14. Study Best Practice examples like They’re proactively monitoring their social stream and engaging and using as an opportunity to interact and improve customer loyalty, support and increase brand power
  15. Find the influencers with mixtent
  16. Unbounce landing page platform

Here’s a nice illustration that better highlights the interconnections of SEO<->SMO

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