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Top 10 B2B SEO search engine optimization tips

One of the niche’s we serve at GlowHat has been in B2B SEO, it’s funny how our first couple clients (which we still have by the way) where both in two different niches that we do a lot of campaigns in, one client was ecommerce, the other B2B product sales online.  We ended up getting more clients that did ecommerce through referrals, and we did more clients that did B2B for the same reason. So a word to the wise, if you start a new business or brand that relies on referrals, be thoughtful of who the first clients are that you attract because you’ll be most likely doing a lot more of that kind of work. Anyway, if you’re been marketing in B2B space you know how hard it can be since the the tools and methods that apply to the B2C end of things which most online tools are based on don’t apply to B2B in most cases.  Here are some tips we think you might find useful if you’re struggling with your B2B SEO

  1. Get links from vendors, trade organization, associations, trust organizations like chambers, BBB etc.  Request links from prominent pages on partner sites, or when attending trade shows, events, and when you put out press releases etc.
  2. Get links from satisfied clients, every time you have a satisfied client get a testimonial and ask for a link back to your site, and ask for 3x referral leads.
  3. Don’t let your site suck. 90% of B2B websites suck, they are ugly, unusable, and not visible in the search engines, and offer little if anything of value to the site visitors beyond maybe a phone number. You’re missing out Make your website as good or better then a B2C site, look at what B2C ecommerce sites are doing, they live and die by their site’s sales, learn from it and use it on your site. Site design and sticky traffic is something I’m sure google is watching for, seeing which sites people tend to stay on longer is a good sign the search results are accurate I think, and I’m sure google does to, so if your site is bad and people are bouncing right out you need to figure out how to improve the bounce rate.
  4. Make sure to have social sharing links on your site, this will help drive more links to your site from the socialsphere which is another signal Google is watching now.
  5. I highly recommend installing live chat on your B2B site, most likely your leads are very valuable and they should get the white glove treatment as soon as they enter your site, an added benefit too is that you can see the visitors in real time exploring the site and can give you a feel of how they move through the site, and where they leave at. Of course you can see all this in google analytics, but there’s something really intuitive and easy about watching users interact in real-time.
  6. Take a hint from ecommerce sites and lawyer sites these types of sites tend to be much more aggressive and focused on converting site visitors, if you study them and the best practices and standards they use, and adapt that to your B2B site you’ll surely be one step ahead of the competition with their 10 year old static site with the tiny 8px font pages that are dry and haven’t changed in years.
  7. Keep your page content focused, each page or post you should be targeting a specific phrase you want the page to rank for, it’s easy to start rambling on about multiple products and services etc but try to stay as focused as best as possible. And the basics of course need to be focused, good page title, url, internal site links, and overall site content organization.
  8. Do make sure to leverage social marketing on your B2B site, even if you think you’re not getting direct leads through social marketing, remember that the search engines are now measuring how much people share your site socially as one of their metrics used to rank sites organically.
  9. Make sure you rank high for you own company name, this is going to sound painfully obvious but you’d be surprised the number companies that struggle with this. When people are searching for you because they’re ready to move forward make sure they can find you, and you’ll also want see if your competition is squatting on your name with a paid ad, or there are any high ranking negative reviews or info online, if so some reputation management is in order.
  10. Just because your B2B website isn’t getting thousands of visitors a day and your phone isn’t off the hook doesn’t mean you should not take your site as seriously, actually the opposite. It’s realistic that a B2B site not get anywhere as much traffic and leads as a B2C site, but the traffic and leads you get are often very valuable and make up for the lack of shear traffic volume, so it’s important to have your site be top notch running like a sports car not a junker as you have to do things as best as possible to make sure you squeeze every bit of conversion ability out of your website to maximize your limited traffic flow.

Stijn Amundsen is the Founder and Principle at GlowHat of Scottsdale Arizona. He enjoys sharing his passion for internet marketing and helping others reach their true potential in business and life. Stijn has been helping clients market high performance web sites for over 10 years, generating millions of dollars of business through high ROI strategies.

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